Message From The Head Mistress


“There is no shortcut to Success”

Education must encompass not only information or knowledge but also attitudes,
values and the ability to make the right choices in life. It is said that the most profound transformative power in the universe lies within one’s ability to choose. Yet today, it is one of the most challenging tasks. It is because there are innumerable options to choose from, but at the same time the choice is of utmost importance as it is going to shape one’s personal, professional and social life. If you want your life to be a melody of happiness, then make responsible choices because they will determine and shape your future.

The educative experience at home and school should enable the students to
prepare themselves for life by acquiring necessary skills to make responsible
choices in life. Remember, anybody can make a choice but only an educated
person can make a responsible choice.

To have a prosperous India, an India where peace, justice and equality co-exist, the role of education can not be underestimated. Education is meant to guide human beings into a harmonious whole and the efforts of the students and staff in a school is a drop in the ocean.

May the light of education shine in every house in our entire country. Let all like-minded people come together and join hands to work for this.

Guru Harkrishan Public School, Hemkunt Colony, New Delhi- 1100048

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